urban studies research topics

1. Problems of Hunger and Malnutrition in Brazil.


2. A Solution To Easing Traffic Congestion In Washington D.C.

Desc: 12 pgs. 12 f/c. 10b.

3. Achieving Sustainable Development: Reducing Household Waste in the Community.

Desc: This 15-page, 11-source piece analyzes the problem of what to do with household waste. The piece starts by giving a theoretical background, showing how environmental awareness (which now includes reducing the amount of waste entering landfills and incinerators and recycling to protect the environment) is now a key concern of city planners. After describing why recycling household waste is important (especially the related issue of removing hazard household waste), the author give three examples of recycling efforts: Ireland, which has little waste problems but has started a recycling program early, Denmark, which has enormous waste problems and has implemented a waste tax with mixed results, and Oregon, which has successfully used a complex but effective recycling program. The author concludes that a waste tax may benefit some communities, but the most important factors in any recycling program are: starting before waste problems become too serious, anticipating future need, and educating the public of the importance and benefits of recycling. 15 pgs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

4. Addressing Tenants' Rights and Empowerment: Attitude Rather than Ownership.

Desc: This paper addresses the concept that: "Tenants' empowerment is about attitudes, not structures." This is achieved through investigating the relationship that a tenant can have with their landlord in terms of their connection with the property, and the connection that the tenants can develop with their landlords. Through investigating these issues, it is demonstrated that tenants can achieve a more substantial degree of empowerment through their attitude rather than their actual physical rights as tenants. 6 pgs, bibliography lists 6 sources.

5. Airport Malaria and Public Health Issues Related to Its Control.

Desc: This seven-page undergraduate paper outlines the problems and issues related to airport malaria, and concentrates on public health concerns over its control. The most recent recommendations from WHO are included. 7 pgs, bibliography lists 7 sources.

6. An Analysis of Economic Forecasting for the Housing Markets in America.

Desc: This paper will focus on the forecast for the housing industry in America. By understanding the situations of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, we can see how this has affected the housing market, and what is being done to help booster the sales of housing. By learning about the present conditions in the economy, we can see how this is affected by the general scope of spending that is currently being made in United States economy. These factors will be discussed within this study on the future of housing markets. 6 pgs, bibliography lists 6 sources.

7. Official Plans and Zoning By-Laws.

Desc: This is a seven-page report on the purpose of official plans, also known as community plans, as well as their relation to zoning by-laws. The paper includes a map of New Toronto, an area who proposed redevelopment has called for the adoption of a secondary plan. 7 pgs. No sources listed.

8. Public Housing And Social Destruction.

Desc: This twenty-five-page undergraduate thesis discusses the ills of public housing and how they are affecting the lives of the financially unstable and economically backward people of the society. It is believed that public housing is the symbol of administrative failure in most cities, more so in the large cities of New York and Chicago where public housing blocks have become centers of crime. The government has over the years developed some plans to eradicate the social problems existing in these areas but unfortunately all such policies and programs have failed to produce any significant positive results. 20 pgs. Bibliography lists 12 sources.