music studies research topics

1. A Concert to remember!

Desc: This four-page sophomore paper is a review of the events in the Arditti Quartet concert, my family and I attended in January of 2002, in San Francisco. 4 pgs, bibliography lists 1 source.

2. A Recording Engineer.

Desc: This essay discusses the function of recording engineers. They usually work in recording studios. They are trained in the use of a variety of recording equipment, and work with the artists to create the sound they need for the recording. Some recording engineers also work on-site, making "live" recordings at specific locations. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

3. A Review of Houston A. Baker's Black Studies, Rap, and the Academy.

Desc: This paper is a review of Houston A. Baker's book Black Studies, Rap, and the Academy.

4. Absolutism and the Age of Science in Brandenburg Concerto Number 5 by Johaness Bach.

Desc: This paper will briefly discuss the nature Bach's Brandenburg Concerto Number 5, first movement, and will seek to understand the history that is behind the piece of music. The issues of the "Age of Science", as well as the foundations o Absolutism, are analyzed here to give a better understanding of why Bach wrote this piece. By investigating these methods of thought, we can see how this music was made in light of the history behind it. 2 pgs. No bibliography.

5. An Analysis of the Early Works of Beethoven.

Desc: This paper will examine the early musical works of Ludwig van Beethoven. By realizing the concepts of these early musical works, we can see why he wrote them, and how they were constructed in this period of time. By analyzing the period from 1790 to 1810, the affects of Beethoven's music was generally getting off the ground, but the genius was coming through at a tremendous rate. 4 pgs, bibliography lists 3 sources.

6. Analysis Of Three Songs

Desc: Songs often contain spiritual messages that can help those who are either victims of unpleasant circumstances or lack the courage to overcome misfortunes. The lyrics of many such songs urge people to face life with a cheerful and positive attitude. This paper discusses three such songs, which contain substance because they transcend any particular space or time and thus carry a universal message of wisdom and courage. The paper also focuses on such things as tone of the song, its central theme, rhyming, significance of oft-repeated lines etc.

7. Analysis of Mozart K458, First Movment

Desc: In this paper, we will provide an analysis of the first moment of Mozart's String Quartet number 17, K 458, in Bb Major. This movement uses a classic sonata form and we will pay special attention to this aspect of the music. Through using a narrative form of analysis, that is analyzing the music in the order that it appears in the music, we will come to understand the different parts of sonata form. In particular, we will identify the exposition, the transition to the second key area, the second key area, the development and the recapitulation.

8. Analytical of John Cage's Time brackets Music

Desc: The paper deals with the twentieth-century music, in particular, time brackets musical system, an innovative technique elaborated by a well-known American composer John Cage who is considered to be one of the greatest composers of the century. The analysis is supported by musical examples that provide evidence to prove a particular point and support specific aspects.

9. And The Band Played On.

Desc: This three-page paper presents a detailed discussion about the saxophone. The writer provides the history of the saxophone and a time line of its life from inception to the current instrument. There were two sources used to complete this paper. 3 pgs. Bibliography list 1 source.

10. Andrae Crouch: His Life, Work, and Contributions

Desc: This paper specifically discusses the life and influences of Andrae Crouch, and how his own circumstances in life had an effect upon the kind of gospel music that he would write. The distinct style that he was able to create based on both his religious upbringing as well as secular influences served to distinguish Crouch from many of his gospel contemporaries.

11. Appalachian Music and Culture.

Desc: This essay discusses Appalachian music and explores how it has always been historically based. The mountain lifestyle has been so difficult that Appalachian people had to find solace in their music and songs. More than anything, the music has represented the celebration of local life and provided an escape from the drudgery of everyday work and isolation. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

12. Assessing the Use of Music Cues in Broken Lizards Super Troopers

Desc: A good comedy film is founded upon the principle of timing. Even an exceptional premise for a comedy film can be ruined if the pacing is not appropriate. To this end, the use of music in Broken Lizard's film, "Super Troopers" illustrates the successful application of music to emphasize comic timing. This paper assesses the application of the music within the film and how its use helps enhance the principles of comedic timing within "Super Troopers."