engineering construction research topics

1. A Proposal On An Engineering Project.

Desc: This proposal is for a new Stadium Project at UWO. Because of the limitations of the current Stadium due to fewer seats, fans of the University Wolverines team are often turned away from the teams sports events. The new project is designed to address such problem and would subsequently increase the sporting revenues for the University.

2. Alternative Home Building Methods.

Desc: This paper is on "Alternative home building methods". It includes the methods other than the traditional use of wood and drywall. It also compares and contrasts, pros and cons, benefits to the owner or disadvantages, and whether it is affordable and/or energy efficient, and a cost analysis of each method. It also has the picture of appendices for cost analysis and summary table. 15 pgs, bibliography lists 9 sources.

3. An Analysis of the Reasons for Success and Failure of Superheaters.

Desc: This paper will discuss the different properties of a Superheater, which transfers heat from the main heating elements in the boiler. By understanding this complex system of heating, in the home boiler or business, we can see how the heating process of a boiler creates and dispenses heat with this technology. The main subject of this paper will to understand how Superheaters fail, and or why they are successful for the maintaining of good boiler operations in the heat-conducting units. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

4. An Ethical Approach to Understanding Maladies in the Evolution of Computer Engineering

Desc: This paper will seek to propose ethical ways for the modern computer machine engineer to work for the greater good. In this way, we can see how making responsible choices with high degrees of mathematical calculation can help to bring about ethical advances in this field. Without a strong ethical background in developing new computer technologies, people can inevitably be damaged by irresponsible behaviors.

5. An Introduction to the Aluminum Extrusion Process

Desc: The paper gives in layman's terms an overview of the aluminium extrusion process. A description of each stage of the extrusion process is given, along with various names and descriptions for parts of the process. There are no diagrams, figures, or mathematics. The description of the process is also not dependent on one particular company method or a new, untested technology.

6. Concrete and Its Evolution.

Desc: This paper looks at the history of the building material concrete. The contents that make up this mass are examined. Some of the first work done with concrete in the U.S. is also highlighted. The evolution of concrete will be discussed. 5 pgs. 12 f/c. 8b.

7. Writing Maintenance Procedures.

Desc: This is a ten-page paper on productive and nonproductive power plant maintenance procedures.