dentistry research topics

1. A Wave of the Future in Dentistry

Desc: This paper describes what electronic dental anesthesia is, how it works, and how it relates to the work of dental hygienists. This paper looks at recent research, which shows the benefits of this new form of anesthesia over older, more invasive practices. This paper looks at the important role of the dental hygienist in providing preventive dentistry and analyzes the benefits of making their work more painless to patients.

2. Animal And Human Communication.

Desc: This is a 10-page paper in MLA style that depicts the similarities and difference and the development within the debate of human and animal communication. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

3. At Least Four Reasons a Dentist in Florida Should be Familiar w/ the Laws Regarding Dental Practice.

Desc: This paper examines the Florida Dental Practices Act (2001). It identifies why and in what specific ways it is important to dentists practicing in the state of Florida.