From Good to Great: Book Summary

Date:  2020-02-21 06:36:51
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The Book from Good to Great is a challenge of a book that seems to examine the factors and variables that enable only a small fraction of companies to move from just good to great. In this case, the author categorizes great companies as those that have managed to attain a certain set number of goals over a period of time, one of those goals being financial performance. This book presents company literature in such a way that is supposed to show the reader the difference between a good company and a great company.


The purpose of this book is to show the management of companies how they could make their companies distinguished companies in their areas by sampling a number of other companies that used great management methods to overcome the normalcy of a good company. The 9 chapters of the book look on how the management and personnel could work with their existing operations and behaviors to transform their company.


How the author achieved his goals

The first rendition of the book in 2001 has floated into the classics of the modern management theory. This edition has also become one of the bestsellers of today, showing its acceptance throughout the business world as a guide into how a company can move from just being good to great.

Evidence given

The author clearly went ahead and did market research after which he came up with companies of different magnitudes and strengths, which had made the move from good to great. These were the case studies that he uses in his book to prove his points. In fact, the book goes on to give figures and numbers which were as a result of the changes that the companies made on their way to becoming great, giving the reader a compare and contrast method of analysis.

Original suggestions and possibilities

Because of the books focus on the management systems, it is quite hard for the layman to understand the terms that have been presented there. However, they are able to understand the general thought because the chapter titles provide the reader with an expectation of what is in the chapter.

What is not convincing?In my view, the ideas have been presented in such a way that can differentiate between what constitutes a great company and what constitutes a good company. There are also examples of how the ideas had been practically applied.

What has been left out?

I feel that this book has covered the entire company both on the management and employee fronts so that nothing has been left out. It is suitable for both the employee and the manager.

How the book was useful

Because of its revolutionary ideas, the book has shed light on company practices that lead to its mediocrity rather than their greatness. The application of the principles in this book has helped managements move their companies from just good to being great.

How the book relates to my life

As a young business oriented person, it has shown me how to start on my company so that the start becomes strategic in a way that any companies I would wish to start would have greatness right from the start.

The book and my work life

Because some factors about work-related behavior and practice have been highlighted, the book was directional in what I needed to change in order to become a more productive employee and manager.

The book and my culture

Change is inevitable in life. In a very competitive business world, only the fittest will survive. A culture of change for the better has been inculcated in me as a result of reading the book.


The author in my view has fully talked about what can make the todays business move from mediocrity to greatness in a place where companies are competing for the larger part of the market share. This book has been quite enlightening. I would rate it nine out of ten.


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